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About TAXtemp

TAXtemp Remote Staffing & Back-Office Accounting and Financial Solution

An Alternative To Expensive Local Hiring

TAXtemp specializes in Remote Staffing Solutions for Businesses and Accounting firms. Whether your business requires full time or part time bookkeepers, accountants, tax preparers, managers or auditors – we will quickly find the staff that you need. TAXtemp staff work from our office in India, and remotely access a computer in your office. We train our staff to use a variety of accounting and bookkeeping software packages. In addition, our staff have the experience of working in world-class accounting and finance organizations.

We have researched the staffing and human resource management model of the Big 4 and top accounting firms in the US. We understand the methodology and approach to their remote employee model enabled by technology. This has allowed us to create an unprecedented staffing service for accounting firms and business. We provide you with an effective way to grow your firm and lower costs.

The process is simple.

  1. What type of staff are you looking to hire?
  2. We present staff resumes to select from.
  3. We schedule interviews via Skype.
  4. Hire your staff.

Operate a forward-thinking organization. No longer are you limited to the size of your office. Increase the number of clients you can manage, with TAXtemp. Our Remote Staff work from our office in India, and will deliver world-class results; saving your business time and money.