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Security & Compliance

TAXtemp is an “ISO 9001-2015” certified company. This certification recognizes our commitment and adherence to the most stringent compliance of processes, quality of professionals we hire, training protocols we follow, and the security & controls in our work environment.

Information Security and Privacy protection are critical business issues for the smallest start-ups to the largest global organizations. We recognize security & compliance as a top priority in our organization. We continually emphasize our process effectiveness and data privacy protections. An ISO framework helps us to continually monitor and improve our procedures and processes. We maintain rigorous standards of quality and audits for information and infrastructure management.

Security at Our Office:

  • Every TAXtemp employee is provided with an Identification card for access into our building.
  • TAXtemp employees place personal belongings (wallets, mobile phones, etc.) in a personal locker prior to entry to work station.
  • Security cameras monitor all areas.
  • USB ports and other ports are disabled on computers.
  • Restricted access to websites and local drives of computer.
  • Pen & paper are not permitted at work station.
  • Printing & scanning are not permitted at our facility.

Prior to enrolling vendors or appointing any new staff, we perform a rigorous background check. All TAXtemp staff must agree and sign a strict agreement of confidentiality, which comprehensively covers all the aspects of Information security, with stringent penalty clauses. TAXtemp staff participate in regular security & privacy company-wide trainings to reinforce the importance of confidentiality and security. Staff are periodically made aware of IT policies and security measures. As a company, we emphasize the responsibility in implementing controls and monitoring systems to ensure that we are meeting the highest standards, and delivering the highest quality work, with the upmost importance placed on our commitment to the confidentiality and data security of our clients.